Welcome to the Year 6 Victorians Wiki: The VikiWiki

A Wiki is a website where you can add text, images, video etc. What's really cool about it is that more than one person can work on the Wiki. It is designed for multiple users and an ideal opportunity for the Junior Schools to unite in the Wikispace. This means that Y6s from Ms Kida's, Mr Waddington's and Ms Woods' class can work collaboratively on a project.

The Y6s in groups of three (one from each class) will research a famous person from the Victorian era. Each famous person has a different page on the Wiki (see right hand side of screen). Each page should contain relevant and interesting information about the famous person.

This is a very new and exciting project; so Year 6.... Let's see what we can achieve...

If you are unsure how to add your information: go to the Getting Started page.
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