What you need to do: (Success Criteria)
You are going to be a History Detective. You need to search the internet for evidence (information) for your famous person…

You need to find evidence in the form of:
Documents (PowerPoints, Word docs, text)
Music (if they were a musician)
Video (documentary)

1) Make a list of questions that you would like to find out (there are some examples below) and add them to the top of your page on the VikiWiki.

2) Find out the person's personal details:
Date of birth
Date of death
Full name Family
Social class (were they rich or poor?)
Where did they live?
What did their house look like?
What leisure activities did they do?
What did they believe in? What was their personality like?
What did they look like? (As an adult & as a child)
What clothes did they wear?

3) Find out why they are famous?
How did they change the world?
What did they achieve/invent/discover?

4) Evidence that answers your questions.