Mrs Beeton

What was she famous for?
Who was she?Mrs Beeton was a famous cook book writer
Who was her husband?

Isabella's husband, Samuel Orchart Beeton, was also born in Milk Street.Even after the move to Epsom the two mothers of Samuel and Isabella kept talking to one another. On a visit to London, Isabella was introduced to Samuel Beeton who had become a publisher of books and popular magazines.They married on 10 July 1856 at Epsom Parish Church.
Was she rich or poor?

Who was her family?
Did she have any childrenIsabella had four children
When did she get married?
They were married on 10 July 1856 at St Martin's Parish Church, Epsom
When was she born?

12 March 1836 – 6 February 1865

Did she have any siblings?Henry Dorling, who was a widower and he had four children of his own.
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