Guglielmo Marconi

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What was he like?
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Where was he born?

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Guglielmo Marconi (Italian pronunciation: [ɡuʎˈʎɛːlmo marˈkoːni]; 25 April 1874� 20 July 1937) was an Italian inventor, known as the father of long distance radio transmission and for his development of Marconi's law and a radio telegraph system.

Marconi was born in Bologna on April 25, 1874, the second son of Giuseppe

Marconi,an Italian landowner, and his Irish wife, Annie Jameson, daughter of

Andrew Jameson of Daphne Castle in the County Wexford, Ireland and

granddaughter of John Jameson, founder of whiskey distillers Jameson & Sons.

Marconi was educated privately in Bologna in the lab of Augusto Righi, in Florence

at the Istituto Cavallero and, later, in Livorno. As a child Marconi did not do well in

school.Baptized as a Catholic, he was also a member of the Anglican Church, being

married into it; however, he still received a Catholic annulment.During his early

years, Marconi had an interest in science and electricit. One of the scientific

developmentsduring this era came from Heinrich Hertz, who, beginning in

1888, demonstrated that one could produce and detect electromagnetic

radiation�now generally known as radio"aetheric waves". Hertz's death in

1894 brought published reviewsof his earlier discoveries, and a renewed interest on the part of Marconi.

He was permitted to briefly study the subject under Augusto Righi, a University of Bologna physicist and neighbour of Marconi who had done research on Hertz's work. Righi had a subscription to The Electrician where Oliver Lodge published detailed accounts of the apparatus used in his (Lodge's) public demonstrations of wireless telegraphy in 1894.

Marconi had a brother, Alfonso, and a stepbrother, Luigi. On 16 March 1905, Marconi married the Hon. Beatrice O'Brien (1882�1976), a daughter of Edward Donough O'Brien, 14th Baron Inchiquin. They had three daughters, Degna (1908�1998), Gioia (1916�1996), and Lucia (born and died 1906), and a son, Giulio, 2nd Marchese Marconi (1910�1971). The Marconis divorced in 1924, and, at Marconi's request, the marriage was annulled on 27 April 1927, so he could remarry.[43] Beatrice Marconi married her second husband, Liborio Marignoli, Marchese di Montecorona, on 3 March 1924 and had a daughter, Flaminia.[44]

On 12 June 1927 (religious 15 June), Marconi married Maria Cristina Bezzi-Scali (1900�1994), only daughter of Francesco, Count Bezzi-Scali. Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini was Marconi's best man at the wedding. They had one daughter, Maria Elettra Elena Anna (born 1930), who married Prince Carlo Giovannelli (born 1942) in 1966; they later divorced.

For unexplained reasons, Marconi left his entire fortune to his second wife and their only child, and nothing to the children of his first marriage.

Later in life, Marconi was an active Italian Fascist and an apologist for their ideology and actions such as the attack by Italian forces in Ethiopia.

Marconi wanted to personally introduce in 1931 the first radio broadcast of a Pope, Pius XI, announcing at the microphone: "With the help of God, who places so many mysterious forces of nature at man's disposal, I have been able to prepare this instrument which will give to the faithful of the entire world the joy of listening to the voice of the Holy Father".

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