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He was an [[/wiki/Italy|Italian]] [[/wiki/Romantic_music|Romantic]] composer, mainly of operad.

Giuseppe Verdi was born in Roncole near Busseto, 10 October 1813 and died in Milan 27 January 1901, he was an Italian composer author of dramas that take part of a repertory of operasof the theatres in all the world.Even if Giuseppe was born froma humble family he soxseold in developing in he's musical passion. He began playing the organ in the local church.Then helped by the jesuites he further developed he's composer's skills.He was only fifteen when his first simphony in a theatre. Verdi and Richard Wagner were the greatest composers of opera in the 19th century although they were completely different from one another. When Verdi was a young man the most famous opera composers in Italy were Gaetano Donizetti and Vincenzo Bellini who wrote in the bel canto tradition. In 1823 when he was ten years old he learned reading, writing, Latin and some music.

Some of his bestnown simphonies were: LOBERTO IL NABUCCHO, UN GIORNO DI REGNO, VA PENSIERO(Became a sad song against the Austrian occupation.)
ERNANI,MACBETH(Inspired to the Sheakespears drama.)RIGOLETTO, IL TROVATORE , LA TRAVIATA ,

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In 1839 Giuseppe Verdi married Margherita Barezzi and gave birth to two children(Virginia Maria Luigia and Icilio romano).Sadly both children died in infancy