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Charles Dickens as a young boy

Charles Dickens lived in the Victorian times and became famous by his writing of books

Early lifeCharles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, England. His parents were John Dickens (1785-1851), a naval pay clerk, and Elizabeth Barrow(1789–1863).At age five, Charles moved to Chatham. When Charles was ten years old, his family moved to Camden, London. He worked in a blacking factory there while his father went to prison for debt. Dickens's hard times in this blackening factory served as the base of ideas for many of his novels. Many like Oliver Twist soon became famous. When his uncle died and transmitted money, Charles's father paid off his debts and was released from prison. Charles did not like working and wished to stop working after his father was released. However, his mother said that the family needed the money so Charles was forced to continue working. Charles then finished his schooling, and got a job as an office boy for an attorney. After finding that job dull, he taught himself shorthand and became a journalist that reported on the government.
Charles Dickens writing.

Charles John Huffam Dickens 7 February 1812 Landport, Portsmouth, England
9 June 1870 (aged 58) Gad's Hill Place, Higham,Kent England
Resting place
Poet's Corner, Westminster Abbey

7 Amazing facts about Charles Dickens :

1. The University of California has developed "The Dickens Project" to promote the study and enjoyment of Dickens' life2. He was obsessive about the position of his bed. It had to be aligned north to south because of his obsession with magnetic fields and the belief it improved his writing3. On the 9th June 1865 he narrowly escaped death when the train he was traveling in with Ellen and her mother crashed in Staplehurst. He spent time after the crash helping tend to the dying and injured and although physically unharmed he mentally never recovered.4. He touched things 3 times for luck5. Exactly 5 years to the day later Dickens died at his home from a massive stroke leaving his last work The Mystery of Edwin Drood unfinished. He was 58.6. Dickens had an obsessive compulsive disorder. He would comb his hair hundreds of times a day, constantly rearranged the furniture and was obsessed with looking in the mirror.7. He was obsessed with tidiness and cleaned his friends home as well as his own.

Here are some Charles Dickens quotes :

Although a skillful flatterer is a most delightful companion if you have him all to yourself, his taste becomes very doubtful when he takes to complimenting other people.

Charity begins at home, and justice begins next door.

Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.

Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true.

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